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The days of the $4.99 buffet may be over but there are still ways to save a lot of money on meals during your next Vegas vacation. The easiest and best way to start saving is using coupons! Vegas is a coupon wonderland and just about every casino has coupons to give away. I sometimes look in the tourist magazines when I get there but the best coupons are generally not found in those. Sure you might find a $1 off here or a 10% discount there but overall you are not going to save much.

Instead, I suggest asking at the front desk when you check in. See if they have a casino funbook. Many times they do have them but may only give them out to people who ask. Also be sure to look carefully through the little folder they give you with your key in them. Sometimes they stuff those with coupons. I was recently at Planet Hollywood and they included a $5 off coupon (good for up to four people) for their excellent Spice Market Buffet. Also, check the concierge desk and see if they have any brochures or flyers on display. I once found coupons at the bell desk at Bally's for $5 and $10 off the Rio's Carnival World and Village Seafood Buffets. Those were excellent coupons you wouldn't find in the tourist magazines.

Grab a Fork + THESE Amazing Las Vegas Coupons!

Next I would hop on over to the slot club booth. If you don't already have a slot card, be sure to sign up for one. It's free! A lot of casinos offer some kind of bonus for new members, whether it be free money (in the form of free play), a funbook with coupons or some sort of souvenir like a t-shirt or key chain. Now you can always use your slot club while you gamble and earn points for food comps but that can be kind of risky and I don't advise that...unless you do a lot of gambling anyway. But losing $200 to earn a free buffet is not fun!

Also be sure to pick up the local paper, the Las Vegas Review-Journal, on Friday or Sunday.  On many occasions,  I've seen coupons for buy-one-get-one-free buffets, or similar discounts.  You can really eat cheap with these type of offers.  Coupons in the daily paper usually offer deals for the locals casinos.

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Grab a Fork + THESE Amazing Las Vegas Buffet Coupons!

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